Ornament Arrows


Egg Plate

Egg(s) made to please, choice of bacon or sausage, country potatoes or grits, and served with white or wheat toast. (1) egg, 7.50 • (2) eggs, 8.50 • (3) 9.50. Substitute a pancake for toast, 1.50.

Star Pancakes (2)

Served with choice of fruit, bacon or sausage. 8.25

French Bread French Toast

Served with choice of fruit, bacon or sausage. 8.25

Egg Wrap

Eggs and cheese wrapped in a tortilla and served with fruit. 7.50 | Add bacon or sausage 8.25


Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on toasted white or wheat. Served with fruit. 7.25

Egg Sandwich

One fried egg, Cheddar and choice of bacon or sausage, on a buttery croissant. Served with fruit. 8.25

Ornament Arrows


Made with three eggs, served with white or wheat toast. Add one side: bacon, sausage, country potatoes or fruit, 1.25

The Star

Mediterranean flare with Feta cheese, onions and tomatoes. 9.25

The Islander

A Veggie delight with Cheddar, bell peppers, onions and tomato. 9.25

The Galvestonian

A traditional favorite with ham and Cheddar. 9.25

Ornament Arrows


Country Potatoes 3.50

Cup of Fruit 3.50

Bacon or Sausage (2) 3.50

Eggs (1) 1.95 • (2) 3.50 • (3) 5.25

Grits 2.75 • w/ Cheddar 3.50

Pancakes (1) 3.25 • (2) 5.25

Ornament Arrows


Sodas 2.50

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Pink Lemonade … w/ syrup (cherry, vanilla, chocolate, lime, strawberry, grape) 2.50

Orange Juice, Milk 2.50

Chocolate Milk 2.50

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Hot & Iced Tea 2.50

New Orleans Chickory Coffee Milk 2.99

Served Iced or Hot (no refills)

Ornament Arrows


12 & UNDER ONLY! Served with kid drink (milk, juice or soda). Free refills on soda only.

Silver Dollar Pancakes

with 1 meat or fruit

Kid's Breakfast

1 egg, 1 meat, country potatoes and toast

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

with chips or fruit