Star Trivia

The Coca-Cola® sign on the front of the building is one of the oldest porcelain neon Coke® signs in existence today. It is signed by Jules Lauve and has been fully restored.

Previous owners used hooks from the ceiling to pull the cabinets and display cases off the floor when it flooded.

In the early 1900s, the drug store offered valet parking for its patrons; we wonder if a little bootlegging was going on at the Star!

A working cast-iron 1873 safe is in the store, the combination for which was (strangely enough) found scratched in the bathroom floor of the apartment upstairs.

Cots were used on the mezzanine level for drug store customers to lie down after taking their medicine. The druggist was then able to observe them, in case they had an allergic reaction to their prescription.

There are rumors that the Star is haunted; during renovations, workers tools were regularly moved around, and sometimes the men’s bathroom locks with no one inside!

The Star Drug Store appears in the movie “Breast Men” starring David Schwimmer — the exterior is shown, and then the interior, as Schwimmer’s character makes a phone call at a payphone (that is now gone).

Previous owner, George Clampitt, desegregated the Star’s lunch counter in the 1950s, making it the first in Galveston, and leading other businesses to do the same.

The Star Drug Store has proven Phoenix-like, surviving numerous disasters, including three hurricanes ­— the 1900, Alicia and Ike — as well as a fire!

If you know of any other fun Star facts, please let us know!